Incredible Yapahuwa Lion Rebuild - New HTV Station ID


Autodesk©Maya, Pixologic© Zbrush, Nextlimit© Realflow, Adobe© Photoshop, Adobe© Aftereffects, Adobe© Premiere, The Foundry Nuke X ,
Logic Pro

Screen Preview

Used only Mentalray© for maya renders. Rendered *.exr file format with all passes (Rendered 39 days with 5 Cameras - (with my other works))
Used Nuke for Camera matching for some 3D Compositing perposes on Maya + Nuke.
All the cameras used in maya, down their focal lenght to 20mm wide and rendered. And finally composited in AE. All music loops mastered in Logic Pro and used little feature movie sound tracks

Production completed in 1 month and 13 days (with my other works)

[ Animation Referance and Yapahuwa Lion Portrait & Sigiriya Images ]

Original Referance image :